Favre Technics


Wood & Derivatives

Our knowledge combines CNC machining with traditional wood tablettery.  It opens up a considerable field of possibilities, while ensuring the lowest production costs possible.

Our trademark is the folding process which consists of an assembly by folding.

We make all types of custom made wood items, from technical parts to visual parts, in solid wood as well as wooden panels.

Technical parts

Imagine your wooden parts; we do everything to make them a reality.

Co-design, prototyping, preproduction, batches, we validate our technical choices step by step and do the appropriate improvements whenever necessary.

  • Positioning or soldering templates
  • Machine bases
  • Mold inserts
  • Bracing and wedging parts

Specialising in the machining of small parts, we also have equipment that allows us to produce large dimension wooden parts.

Parts for seats

We make various custom-made elements: armrest chassis’ and armrests, panels and writing surfaces, seats and backrests. For designers and manufacturers of:

  • Armchairs intended for theatres, conferences centres, cinemas, auditoriums and amphitheatres,
  • Seats for public, rail and road transport

There is a wide range of possibilities: solid wood, or complex solid wood panel, fine wood veneer or thin laminate sheet, edgebanding or edging strips

All wooden or derivative products can also be produced in compact laminate.

Point of Sale Advertising (POS) and Displays – finishing and marking

Specialist in single or multi-material wood Point of Sale Advertising (POS), we offer an infinitive number of shapes and sizes

  • Brand reinforcement and visual stands
  • Wooden elements for displays
  • Badges for cups and trophees
  • Weights for cardboard or plastic Point of Sale advertising

We offer all PANTONE, RAL or SIKKENS colours, for a finish in all shades and in accordance with your graphic chart.

Several process are possible for the marking of your wooden parts :

  • Digital printing
  • Mechanical engraving
  • Laser engraving

Carcasses for covering and lining

We can make all types of carcasses for your office furnishings (desk pad, pen pot, pen-tray, mail sorter and basket, photo frames, waste paper basket…), tidies and other tissue boxes. Partnered with leather goods and briefcase manufacturers, we also make: boxes, cases, handles, hangers, miscellaneous parts

The coverings elevate our pieces by encasing them with leather or another flexible material.

Our wood supports are produced using two different processes: by machining the raw material or by folding.

We also produce wooden inserts for overmolding and foaming.

Boxes and cases

We custom make different types of packaging :

  • Industrial cases, impact protection for your cutting tools, measuring instruments, mechanical parts etc.
  • Promotional cases, fully customisable, to enhance your products.

Folding – Bending

Folding is a type of assembly made by milling-folding and then gluing the material. Our mastery of folding wood enables us to fold all types of wood and derivatives, solid woods as well as fine wood veneered panels.

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