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Favre SAS, has more than 6 decades of experience and development in the tablettery and CNC machining trades, which today fall into two areas of expertise.

  • Machining of compact laminates and sandwich panels.
  • Machining of wood and derivatives.

From solid wood to composite panels,a successful diversification!

Industrial machining sub-contracting

FAVRE SAS is a player in the French industrial subcontracting field specialising in the machining of wood and its derivatives as well as other soft materials.

  • Speciality subcontractor (= a specialist who has the required skills): our expertise in co-development and product conception makes us the natural partner for any stringent client.
  • Capacity subcontractor (= a partner who has the available production capacities): our fleet of 5 CNC machines (1, 2 and 3 heads) invites you to relieve your workshop and transfer your products in total confidence.

Specialised in the machining of atypical materials, we transform all types of panels: compact HPL (High Pressure Laminate), solid core and honeycomb composites.

  • METEON ®
  • FENIX ®
  • DIBOND ®
  • HYLITE ®
  • WEDEN ®
  • … etc.

We also carry out the machining and finishing of wood and its derivatives:

  • Technical parts
  • Fitting out panels
  • Seat elements
  • Internal carcasses for covering and lining
  • Boxes and cases
  • Point of Sale advertising and displays