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High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

The compact laminate, also called High Pressure Laminate (HPL) or solid laminate is a distinctively technical and decorative material.  It comes in a range of thicknesses, qualities and decors.

We manufacture all types of compact laminate parts in batches: worktops, panels, shelves, partitions, hard surfaces, seats, backrests, hoods, doors, front panels, pieces of furniture…

An alternative to sheet steel and aluminium

With a density of 1.45, rust-proof, non-porous, self-supporting and requiring no surface treatment, the compact laminate will answer to your most diverse problems. Our TechniCore© machined parts equip trolleys, furniture and devices intended for many professional sectors. :

  • Medical – Veterinary – White room
  • Food – Professional kitchen and laboratory
  • Rail – Vehicle equipment
  • Optronics – Mechatronics
  • Fitting out – Workstations – Control room
  • Urban furniture – Playgrounds and exterior signs
  • Garden furniture – Interior furniture

This laminate is particularly suitable for machining by removing material, installing inserts as well as, under certain conditions, forming.

Small compact HPL parts

Small parts do not offer surfaces which allow them to be easily held, which is why they are more delicate to make.

Our multi-decade experience in tablettery (in particular in the gripping and machining of small wooden parts), combined with our excellent knowledge of the specifics of compact laminates, guarantees you high precision work.

Postforming compact HPL

Under the combined effect of heat and pressure, the postformed compact HPL panel becomes flexible and can therefore take the shape of the mold on which is it applied. In fact, contrary to classic compact laminate, the core of this panel is malleable.

  • Arched doors and partitions
  • Designer interior furniture
  • Panels for offices and technical furniture
  • Washbasins, shelves for bathrooms and toilets
  • Benches for waiting rooms
  • Worktops for laboratory benches etc.
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